Stoker Upgrade Procedure - Step by Step

These instructions are only valid for upgrading Stokers which already have a version number that looks something like "2.x.x". Stokers with version number "0.5" will have to follow a different procedure.

Oh, and this only works on PCs. Sorry Macs. Will this work with Wine? Dunno.

Before continuing, make sure you take note of the IP address of the Stoker. You can get the IP address using the front panel display on the Stoker. If the address is all zeros, then the Stoker does not think it is connected to the network. Make sure the Stoker is connected to the network and try again.

Downloading the release package to your hard drive

Navigate to I use Firefox. Right click on the link for the latest firmware. When you do this, a menu will pop-up. Left click on "Save Link As ...".

Fig. 1: Menu shown after right-clicking on link


In this box, I suggest selecting "Desktop" on the left hand-side. The location and the name do not matter but the desktop is a location easily remembered. I also suggest leaving the default name. Click on "Save As". Once the download completes, you can close the web browser.

Fig. 2: "Save Link As ..." Dialog box



Extracting the files

Take a look at your desktop and find the new .zip file. Double click on it and something like the following should show up. Most folks use WinZip. I use 7-Zip. Even if you don't use an archiver, Windows should provide one automatically.

Fig. 3: 7-Zip dialog

In the unzip program, hit, control-A (or use the Edit menu and choose Select All). All four files should now be highlighted. Drag one of the four files to the desktop, and other three will automatically follow.

Most no-frills unzip programs will use the steps above. Winzip uses a "Wizard" and makes this process a lot more difficult. If you are using Winzip, try going to the "Classic" mode and then following the above steps.



At this point, my desktop looks something like this:

Fig. 4: Extracted files on the desktop



Use ping to check connectivity

Go to the Start menu and click on "Run ..."

Fig. 5: Start Menu then "Run ..."



In the box that shows up, type in "cmd" and hit enter.

Fig. 6: cmd



A black box should show up. In this box, type in ping and then the IP address of the Stoker. You can get the IP address by navigating to the System Info and then to IP Addr in the Stoker LCD screen. In these examples, the IP address is

Fig. 7: ping



This command will test the connectivity of the PC to the Stoker. A successful result looks something like this:

Fig. 8: Success!



Bad. In the case of a bad result, recheck all of your network settings.

Fig. 9: Bad



Running the upgrade

This section assumes the ping test from above was successful.

Look at your desktop for a file called "upgrade.bat". Double click on that file. You should see the following:

Fig. 10: Start of upgrade



Enter your IP address. In this example, the IP is Hit enter. The upgrade will spit out some mumbo jumbo. Just let it run.

Fig. 11: IP Address



This should be the end. Hit return to close the window.

Fig. 12: Success


Hopefully everything went according to plan. The Stoker should have rebooted itself.

The main hurdle to overcome is determining the IP address and then using "ping" to make sure the PC can properly communicate with the Stoker. Once the ping works, the upgrade will work.